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Ecofitness. The microbiological strategy.

Become an outsider thinker too, using clever solutions. Resistant bacteria are already a problem today. Chemical cleaning and disinfection and the constant use of antibiotics increase it. The World Health Organization (WHO) therefore demands conscious thinking and action from each individual. Provilan has understood this and is taking the microbiological route. Are you in?


Eliminate pathogens

With DENAA+ ZERO we offer you a special disinfectant to eliminate bacteria and pathogens. However, we deliberately do without the classic active ingredients such as alcohols, chlorides or halogens. That is why DENAA+ Zero protects surfaces or displays and does not remove any plasticizers from plastics or rubber coatings. Likewise, neither probes nor plug-in connections of measuring systems oxidize and the fabrics of functional clothing and EMS vests do not age prematurely.

DENAA+ ZERO also behaves differently than classic disinfectants. Our active ingredient remains on the surfaces and is not released into the room air. An important factor for healthier indoor air, especially when training with deep breathing.


Renew microflora

Disinfectants not only eliminate pathogens but also all beneficial microorganisms. The microbiological balance is lost. That is why our Provilan products such as DENAA+ CLEAN, DENAA+ FLOOR, DENAA+ WASH or DENAA+ FRESH contain autoactive microorganisms. From the first application, they not only clean, they also start the development of a new microflora.

Our microbes look for and break down fats, proteins and the smallest organic dirt particles. They even metabolize the active ingredient in our disinfectant DENAA+ ZERO. An incredible advantage over classic disinfection. Good for us and good for our environment.

Establish biological balance

With every further cleaning with our Provilan products you spray probiotic microorganisms. These not only clean the surfaces down to the pores, but they also take care of the complete restoration of a contaminated microflora. Scientific studies show that contaminated surfaces are restored after just a few days with the help of probiotic microorganisms.

The treated surfaces are not only clean, but also colonized by probiotic microbes. Disease-causing bacteria now have a problem. They lack the necessary nutrients for resettlement and spread. A completely natural but highly effective process. Completely without the active ingredients found in classic cleaners.

Maintain biological balance

On a renatured surface, you can permanently maintain the natural balance of the microflora through the continuous use of our Provilan products. This works very simply. With each application you spray new autoactive microorganisms together with a special biomass. In this way you always ensure that our microbes feel good, have nutrients available and continue to multiply.

At the same time, our microorganisms take care of the microscopic cleaning and they disrupt the colonization and spread of disease-causing bacteria, regardless of whether they are resistant, multi-resistant or even highly resistant.

Ecofitness stands for clean, probiotic room air. Just get this ingenious advantage in your EMS studio, your fitness center or your wellness oasis. Offer your members healthier deep breathing with every workout. Tell them about this added value and what our little microbes can do.

ECOfitness. Simply train healthier.