ECOfitness Test

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Our microbiological concept for testing. The natural solution for freshness and hygiene.

Please shake well before use.

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ECOfitness Test:
- 2x DENAA+ ZERO (TESTING), 300 ml, sprayer
- 2x DENAA+ CLEAN, 500 ml, sprayer
- 2x DENAA+ FRESH, 300 ml, sprayer
- 1x DENAA+ FLOOR, 1 liter, concentrate

With this ECOfitness set you get a first impression of how our ECOfitness concept works. DENAA+ ZERO eliminates any bacteria and pathogens that may be present on all surfaces. With the other Provilan products, you can rebuild, renaturalize and optimize the important biological microflora on the disinfected surfaces. In this way, you can disrupt disease-causing bacteria from resettling and spreading. But not only that. Of course, our autoactive microorganisms also ensure microbiological cleaning and odor removal. Without the room air being polluted by unnecessary pollutants. That's why ECOfitness stands for healthier training.

Autoactive microorganisms:
DENAA+ CLEAN, DENAA+ FLOOR and DENAA+ FRESH contain auto-active microorganisms that maintain the biological balance of microflora on surfaces, in tissues and rehabilitate, renaturate and optimize the air in the room. The contained autoactive microorganisms are non-pathogenic (EU guideline 2000/54/EG - risk group 1).

Instructions for use:
A comprehensive user manual is included with your ECOfitness set. In general, it is important to shake our Provilan products well before use so that the microbes in remain distributed throughout the bottle and the liquids can work optimally down to the last drop.

Water, autoactive microorganisms, active ingredients, orange and pomegranate flavors, vegan and not tested on animals.

DENAA+ is not suitable for consumption. Keep out of the reach of children. Store supplies in closed packaging in a dry place between 10°C and 30°C and protect from frost. Do not use in combination with other products. Avoid contact with eyes.

Use DENAA+ ZERO carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. The composition of the mixture is not subject to classification or labeling of a hazard class according to Regulation (EU) No. 1272/2008 (CLP). DENAA+ FRESH is tested and meets all indoor air quality standards and recommendations.

Certified by Air Interior Controle