Provilan. Ecological concepts.

Provilan. Ecological concepts.

Unique products for pets and horses. Cleaning agents for private or commercial use. Special solution for agriculture or for water optimization in aquariums, fish and ornamental ponds. Naturally, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The mix of auto active microorganisms, which are responsible for the reliable effect and the practical application. Cleaning supply and care product. For balance or prophylaxis. For the perception of utility and drinking water.


Our microbial Provilan cleansers with the bright yellow markings are an ideal replacement for your classic cleansers. Easy to use and very strong in performance in every product line. As an all-rounder or for special applications (e.g. floor cleaning with cleaning machines). Depending on the area of application, the mixture of microorganisms is automatically activated shortly after application. Even the smallest organic dirt particles disappear and unpleasant smells are broken down.
Provilan. More than just clean.

Care products

Our apricot-labeled, microbial Provilan care products have been developed for cleaning high-quality floors, furniture, kitchen surfaces, glass panes and mirrors. The combination of auto active microbes is needed here as well. Not only do they clean reliably, additionally they gradually optimize the balance of the microflora. With continuously application, more and more polluting bacteria are eliminated. That is the actual, microbial product performance and improves a healthier living and working environment to relieve our immune system.
Provilan. More than just clean.


All Provilan products in the magenta colored line are developed for the establishment of an optimal skin balance. The goal with our care products is to optimize the skin flora. The special mix of auto active microorganisms not only ensures microscopic cleaning of our skin surface, the probiotic microbes also eliminate harmful bacteria and supports our body's immune system. Our skin balance lotion is also perfectly suitable for use on our feet. Additionally enriched aloe vera extracts protect the cell membrane of the skin and accelerate the formation of new skin cells.
Provilan. Skin in balance.


An orange-red colored line marks our Provilan products for microbial prophylaxis. These products are an extension of the application for use on very sensitive parts of the body, especially on animals. For example in eye area and ears, for cleaning teeth, but also on dry skin areas. In general, the same concept applies to all of the products: The balance of the microflora is crucial for the settlement of harmful bacteria and germs. Especiallyannoying flies and mosquitoes like to sit in the eye area of horses'. In doing so, they transmit bacteria and pathogens. The moist environment is a perfect breeding ground and painful eye infections can develop from that. The special microbe mix of our eye prophylaxis product keeps the microflora in the eye balanced. The settlement and multiplication of bacteria and pathogens is immensely reduced. Your horse's immune system is ideally supported. More and more veterinarians trust the effectiveness of our very special prophylaxis products.
Provilan. Perfect to eliminate bacteria.

Water optimizer

Harmful bacteria are not only found on surfaces or in the air. That is why the Probiotic Group Luxembourg has also developed microbial products for water optimization. They are provided with a turquoise-blue color line. Here again, a special mixture of microbes is used to remove organic waste e.g. in a sewage treatment plant, and displace bacteria and pathogens. However, our Provilan water optimizers are designed for closed systems. Water Optimax is available for aquariums, fish and ornamental ponds, as well as for piping systems for the supply of horses or agricultural livestock and breeding animals.
Provilan. Good for our environment.

Ecological products without microbes

To complement our product systems, Provilan also offers products with special properties without microorganisms. Like oil-containing products for direct mosquito repellent in horses, pH-neutral products for cleaning fur and hair in animals or very citric acid-heavy products for toilet cleaning or decalcification. All are marked with a light green colored line. All products are 100% biodegradable and have the same quality requirements of the manufacturer, Probiotic Group Luxembourg.
Provilan. Good for our environment.

Concept for fitness + wellness

DENAA+ was specially developed for use in sports, fitness and wellness areas. For a healthier way of cleaning or taking hygiene measures. Our goal: exercising and relaxation without the absorption of chemical substances through the respiratory tract or skin areas. This is exactly what Provilan is made for. An innovative solution for all fitness centers, EMS studios or wellness oases. Provilan enables a paradigm shift in cleaning and hygiene and leaves no hint of any unpleasant smell behind. Chemical substances are replaced by auto active microorganisms. This is how it works so much more effective than classic cleanser.
Provilan. The healthier cleanness.

Provilan. Good for us. Good for our environment.