Provilan. More than just innovation.

Provilan. More than just innovation.

As a manufacturer, the Probiotic Group Luxembourg has set itself the task of producing high-quality, natural and environmentally friendly products that offer protection against various infections. For this purpose, probiotics are used which have been very affective in destroying the strongest bacteria since ancient times.

The Probiotic Group Luxembourg has the vision to help people stay healthy with the best natural products. Based on scientific research, the microorganisms contained in Provilan can protect us and our animals from multiple infections. The goal of the company is toactively use research results and information’s to revolutionize our daily use of microbes.

Wellbeing and health

The well-being and good health of women, men, children and animals is very important to us. This is the reason why we want to give the opportunity to everyone benefiting from the best care and cleaning products.


People are just “tenants” in this world. Therefore it is our responsibility to pass it on to future generations in the best condition possible. Our products are produced exactly in this mindset: natural and 100% compatible with our environment.

Quality and Safety

We have the same requirements for all Provilan systems: efficiency and security. We work with the best suppliers and institutions and have set up precise manufacturing protocols to guarantee high quality and safe handling.

Research and Development

Innovation is the incentive for our company and enables sustainable development. That is why research and development are a priority to us. Partners from the BENELUX countries help us to create further products which fit the standards and expectations of our customers.

Provilan. Good for us. Good for our environment.