Hygiene 4.0 - the healthier clean

Hygiene 4.0 - the healthier clean

Provilan is the result of more than 15 years of research. As a doctor, it was Martin M.G. Schoonbroodt fully realized that probiotic microorganisms are the completely natural solution to suppress harmful bacteria. Much better than classic cleaners or disinfectants with chemical agents. Without the risk of bacteria building up resistance. Without the risk of humans or animals developing allergic reactions.

Microbiological hygiene is possible everywhere today. Even on the skin of humans and animals. Provilan offers specially developed products in each case. Researched with the accompaniment of the European country Luxembourg. Scientifically proven. Tested a thousand times. Confirmed for years by institutes, doctors, experts and customers. Provilan eliminates more than 99% of harmful or disease-causing bacteria. Even if they have become resistant to chemical agents or antibiotics.

Hygiene 4.0 is a unique, 4-dimensional concept. No matter how you use it. Selectively on handles, pressure surfaces or door handles. On small or large surfaces, in shoes, clothing, fabrics, filter systems or cleaning sponges. In the water or in the room air. Provilan works everywhere and our autoactive microorganisms reliably eliminate pathogens. The microbiological protection system is activated after just one day. It is optimized with every further application and thus remains permanently available. Completely natural, without creating a cocktail of chemical active ingredients that harm our health.

Are they also among those people who use clever solutions? Resistant bacteria are already a problem today. Dry cleaning and disinfection as well as the constant use of antibiotics enlarge it. The World Health Organization (WHO) therefore requires everyone to think and act consciously. Provilan has understood this and goes the microbiological way. Are you there too?

Ecofitness - Ecowork - Ecoliving stand as special concepts for microbiological cleaning and clean, probiotic room air. In addition, in animals for microbiological skin and wound care that promotes healing processes and reduces the use of antibiotics.

Simply bring this ingenious advantage into your home. Use our trend-setting products in your company, your EMS studio or your fitness center.

Hygiene 4.0 - simply live healthy.