ECOfitness - the healthier clean

ECOfitness - the natural formula

Our special products enable a unique concept for fitness and wellness. Probiotic microorganisms are the secret. They enable us to do without the classic chemical ingredients in our cleaners and hygiene products. This makes Provilan particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. At the same time, our products also protect all surfaces. An important factor in plastics, rubber coatings, displays and cable connections.

You can use Provilan anywhere. On handles, pressure surfaces or doorknobs. Our cleaners are suitable for all furnishings, fitness equipment, seating and lying areas. For glass or acrylic panes, for mirrors or other glass elements. Our odor eliminators clean the room air, air conditioners and air filters. But they are also suitable for all fabrics, clothing or shoes. Our autoactive microorganisms clean everywhere, without harmful pollutants that could harm our health.

Are you one of those people who use clever solutions? ECOfitness offers you a trend-setting concept for microbiological cleaning. ECOfitness stands for training in healthier indoor air. Free from unnecessary chemical pollutants. An important advantage and added value.

ECOfitness. Train in healthier indoor air.