ECOfitness. Simply train healthier.

Ecofitness. Disinfection without classic active ingredients.

As the manufacturer of our disinfectant, it is particularly important to the Probiotic Group to meet all legal requirements without using the classic chemical agents. Already with the first spray you will notice a difference to usual products. The typical smell of a disinfectant is missing. Your nose cannot perceive alcohols, ethanols or chlorides because these active ingredients are not contained in DENAA+ ZERO.

Our product is based on organic lactic acid, which is produced by the Probiotic Group in a special process. This is how we achieve special advantages.


Eliminate pathogens

You can easily spray DENAA+ ZERO onto any surface. DENAA+ ZERO does not contain any chlorides, peroxides, alcohols, ethanols or halogens, but a special organic lactic acid that "sticks" to the surfaces as a disinfecting agent. The room air is thus significantly less polluted. An important factor, especially when training with deep breathing.

DENAA+ ZERO can be used on all surfaces, rubber coatings and displays. DENAA+ ZERO disinfects, but the plasticizers contained in plastics are not dissolved, tissue does not age prematurely, cable connections and probes do not oxidize.


Independent, accredited laboratories have tested and confirmed the effectiveness of DENAA+ ZERO according to the legally required standards: DENAA+ ZERO is bactericidal (EN 1276 and EN 16615), yeasticidal (EN 1650 and EN 16615) fungicidal (EN 1650 and EN 16615) and virucidal (EN 14476).

Please use disinfectants carefully. Always read label and product information before use.